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n4to7 Workbook

n4to7 Workbook is the student component of nlbooks. n4to7 stands for “numeracy four to seven”. It is a stand alone productive tool for learning and improving mathematics skills at Years from year 4 to year 7 and beyond. It has also been developed to work with 'n4to7 Observe' to allow the teacher to observe student responses.


Things to be aware of
Using Level-up mode
How to use Exercise mode
Update Name field
Using the Calculator function
Adding Special Characters to your answer
Converting a decimal to currency
Adding Special Alpha Characters to your answer

Level-up mode

'n4to7 Workbook' has two distict modes of activity.The default mode is Level-up mode. 'n4to7 Workbook' enters this mode on startup and also when Exercise mode is completed

The student is directed through the syllabus for the currect year and subject area starting at level 1 for year 4 syllabus. The objectives associated with the Level numbers can be inspected in the syllabus panel.

When a student completes all the questions for the current level the student will progress to the next level.

  • Level-up mode is indicated by the black arrow located in the "Syllabus Level" tab. This is the default mode that 'n4to7 Workbook' enters on startup and also when Exercise mode is completed. Whenever you move to the Syllabus Level tab either by swiping to or selecting the tab, 'n4to7 Workbook' will enter Level-up mode.

    n4t7 Workbook Level-up mode

  • The Syllabus Level page shows the current level(1) for the year(trial) and subject area(Number). The black arrow to the right points to the current level and the skills and sample questions are displayed. The black arrow will not appear if the students moves to a subject area that has not been purchased or is not available.

    n4t7 Workbook Current level for year(trial) and Subject area(Number)

  • When a student complete all the questions for the current level the student will progress to the next level (Level-up).

    n4t7 Workbook Level-up

  • If any questions are wrong or if too much time is spent answering the question a practice skill will be added to the skill practice area. The student needs to complete the practice skills to move to the next level or they can repeat the current skill level and get the questions correct.

    n4t7 Workbook Get all question correct

  • Questions that are wrong or too much time is taken will be added to the "practice skill" area. The current performance will recorded with a colour indicator in the Syllabus Level.

    n4t7 Workbook Level-up

  • When all the questions are answered correctly for the level the student will be moved to the next level in the Syllabus.

    n4t7 Workbook Level-up

  • As students get questions correct they will accumulate points towards the target to complete the subject area. A students progress can be gauged by the current colour of their target score. Progress is indicated as the target colour changes from pink to orange to yellow to blue and finally to green.

    n4t7 Workbook Currrent Progress is Pink with 80 points. Target points is 187 to get to Orange

  • Progress across the entire curriculum can be reviewed by hitting the nlbooks logo in the header area of the screen. The trailer also displays the number of skills completed and remaining in the selected subject area.

    n4t7 Workbook currrent overall progress for year "trial". skills completed 7 skills remaining 35

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    Exercise mode

    Students can use the Exercises panel to select an exercise for practice at any time. The Exercises are created from the syllabus and match the tree structure of the syllabus. The Blue skill exercises are more complex and broken into simpler Grey skills and White skills. The Red skill exercises are Quiz exercises covering all the material in the current subject area

  • Exercises created from the syllabus("trial" Year subject area "Number").

    n4t7 Workbook Exercise mode

  • It is possible to gererate example questions of the type that will be in the exercise. Use the "Show questions" option to display a sample of the type of questions in the exercise.

    n4t7 Workbook Show questions

  • Sample questions for the exercise. Questions for the exercise are randomly generated so will always be different.

    n4t7 Workbook Show questions

  • Once an exercise is selected the student will be directed to the workpad where they can work through each of the questions. The black arrow will move to the exercises tab to indicate Exercise mode. The workpad will display with the primary colour of blue to indicate Exercise mode.

    n4t7 Workbook Exercise mode

  • Points are achieved for each question correct and time bonus points based on the students speed. The emphasis is on accuracy not speed. At the completion of the exercise one to four green ticks will be assigned to indicate the performance on the exercise and a baseline score for the student to try to improve on.The app will move back into the default Level-up mode until another exercise is selected.

    n4t7 Workbook Exercise mode points and ticks

  • If any question was wrong or if the time threshold was exceeded the skill will be added to the practice skills in the workpad. To fully complete the exercise the student needs to complete any single skill exercise added to the practice area.

    n4t7 Workbook Complete all skills in practice area to fully complete the exercise

  • Ticks and points will be recorded on the exercise panel. Once an exercise is completed the workpad will be returned to default Level-up mode.

    n4t7 Workbook Complete all skills in practice area to fully complete the exercise

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    Update Name

    The default name is "Anonymous". A student can enter their own name by touching the name field and using the alphanumeric keypad. The name will be displayed on the teachers 'n4to7 Observe'.

  • Update name

    n4t7 Workbook Update Name

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    Select Calculator

  • Touch the calculator symbol at the top left side of the display to turn the workpad into a calculator.

    n4t7 Workbook Calculator

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    Select Special characters

  • Touch the special character symbol at the top left side of the display to show relevant special characters.

    n4t7 Workbook Special Characters

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    Converting a decimal to currency

  • Touch the $ character from the symbols menu to convert a decimal to currency. For example .2 wil become $0.20

    n4t7 Workbook Converting a decimal to currency using the "$" symbol

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    Select Alpha characters

    Many answers require special alpha characters in complete the answer. For example if an answer requires a weight in Kilograms the student may need to use the Alpha mode to select first the catagory to select "MASS" and then "Kilogram" from the alpha menu. eg 3Kg

  • Touch the Alpha symbol at the top left side of the display to expose special alpha characters when required.

    n4t7 Workbook Alpha menu

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