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'n4to7 Observe' is the teacher component of nlbooks. Any student using 'n4to7 Workbook' can connect to the teachers 'n4to7 Observe' using wifi. It allows the teacher to observe in real time all the students activity on their 'n4to7 Workbook'. The teacher is able to immediately identify and rectify any learning issues.


Things to be aware of
Connect n4to7 Observe and n4to7 Workbook to the same wifi
Observing Student activity
Selecting an excercise to support learning objectives
Observing class activity
Clear, Pause or Refresh updates

Connect 'n4to7 Observe' and 'n4to7 Workbook' to the same wifi

To observe students responses to questions on their respective 'n4to7 Workbooks' the teacher and the students need to connect their devices to the same wifi network. The teachers 'n4to7 Observe' app will display the status "Observing" and the students 'n4to7 Workbook' app will display "Connected"

  • 'n4to7 Observe' connected to wifi status is "Observing".

    n4t7 Workbook 'n4to7 Observe' showing "Observing"

  • 'n4to7 Workbook' connected to the wifi.

    n4t7 Workbook 'n4to7 Workbook' showing "Connected"

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    Observe student activity

    Now when the student is working on 'n4to7 Workbook' either in Level-up mode or exercise mode the teacher will get a copy of the students activity

  • Observing student activity.

    n4t7 Workbook 'n4to7 Observe'

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    Select an exercise to support learning objectives

    Use the exercise tab to find an exercise to support your lesson objectives or just use the exercise to set the objectives. The Exercises are created from the syllabus and match the tree structure of the syllabus. By working through the exercises the student will working through the syllabus. The Blue skill exercises are more complex and created from the Grey skills. The Red exercises are Quiz exercises covering all the material in the current subject area.

  • Exercise list

    n4t7 Workbook 'n4to7 Observe' exercise list

  • Select the "Show questions" option to see examples of the type of question that the student will encounter with the exercise. The teacher can use these questions as examples to teach the students prior to setting the class to complete the exercise. Each time an exercise is selected a new random set of questions will be generated for the exercise. The teacher can also select a new set of questions from the menu. The students will practice the same set of skills in an exercise but will the have their own set of randomly generated questions.

  • Show example questions for the exercise

    n4t7 Workbook show questions menu option

  • Show example questions for the exercise

    n4t7 Workbook Questions

  • Every exercise has a unique exercise ID and both 'n4to7 Observe' and 'n4to7 Workbook' have the exact same exercise lists with the same Exercise Id reference. The teacher can ask students to complete exercise for example exId: N1, the teacher can observe the students progress. Erercises are grouped by year and subject area. The Year and Area can be changed from the dropdown boxes on the bottom line. The examples show exercises for the 'trial' year and the area of "Number"

  • Change the year from the selection box

    n4t7 Workbook Change Year

  • Change the subject Area from the selection box

    n4t7 Workbook change Area

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    Observe the class or a group of students

    'n4to7 Observe' can be used to observe the activity of one student or a small group up to a very large group of students. There are some special features available for observing larger groups such as filtering based on the name, skill or Exercise Id.

  • 'n4to7 Observe' observing a group.

    n4t7 Workbook 'n4to7 Observe' showing multiple students"

  • Touch a student name to filter only that students responses. Touch and hold the student name to clear the filter.

    n4t7 Workbook 'n4to7 Observe' showing student filter

  • Touch a skill type to filter questions of that skill. Touch and hold the skill to clear the filter.

    n4t7 Workbook 'n4to7 Observe' showing skill filter

  • Touch an exercise Id to filter questions from that exercise Id. (some students may be doing different exercises). Touch and hold the exercise to clear the filter.

    n4t7 Workbook 'n4to7 Observe' showing exercise Id filter

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    Clear, Pause or Refresh updates

    If you have a large number of students the screen is continuously updating so it may be convenient to pause updates in order to set the filter.

  • 'n4to7 Observe' Clear, Pause or Refresh updates.

    n4t7 Workbook 'n4to7 Observe' Pause updates"

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