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nteachr is the server component of nlbooks. The name nteachr is just a shortening of numeracy teacher, it allows any student with the n4t7 to connect and receive questions and send responses.

The process of setting up and executing a lesson is represented by the screen shots and bullet points down the page.

It covers;

  • Setting up the lesson objectives
  • Generating a random set of questions
  • Starting the exercise
  • Monitoring the class and individuals progress
  • Reporting on lesson progress
  • Reporting on curriculum progress
  • Setting up a new class
  • The first step is to setup the lesson objectives

    n4t7 performance Lesson objectives

  • Objectives can be selected from the library of skills

    n4t7 performance Skill library with performance indicator

  • Objectives can also be selected by using a pre defined lesson template

    n4t7 performance Select a lesson template

  • Now your ready to create a set of questions. Modify the time of the exercise if required.

    n4t7 performance Execute the lesson

  • A set of random questions is generated from the objectives. You can generate a new random set of questions if you wish. A new set of questions can also be generated if the exercise is repeated

    n4t7 performance Generate lesson questions

  • You're now ready to start the exercise. Its possible to filter questions that all students answer correctly. You can also set a repeat question policy if a question is answered incorrectly.

    n4t7 performance Start the lesson exercise

  • Class and student progress in displayed with progress bar

    n4t7 performance Student progress

  • Individual responses can be monitored or reviewed if necessary

    n4t7 performance Individual responses

  • A specific question for all users can be reviewed

    n4t7 performance Specific question number responses

  • A lesson created from a lesson templates will collect data for a report

    n4t7 performance Lesson report

  • As you progress though lessons the curriculum progress report will provide a high level report on progress in each subject area of the curriculum

    n4t7 performance Curriculum progress report

  • Don't forget to select the next class before you begin the next lesson.

    n4t7 performance Create your class

Follow the link to learn more about n4t7.